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I used the :aww: emoticon in this one and added the animated colourful ring around it.
I combined this emoticon :lol: by iDJPanda with this emoticon :o and added a butterfly in between :D
dAmn Goodies has been rewritten from the ground up to be more stable and even more useful!
Consider this my Christmas Gift to all you wonderful Deviants!! :giggle:

(Just looking for the install link? Here it is: Install dAmn Goodies 3!) :eager:

What is dAmn Goodies?
:bulletred: dAmn Goodies is a userscript that adds new features to dAmn (Deviant Art's official chat network).
:bulletred: A userscript is something that someone can add to their browser which changes certain webpages that they visit. In the case of dAmn Goodies, it only changes webpages on the domain.

:eager: Here are some of the new features added to version 3 of dAmn Goodies:

:new: Quick Tab
:bulletred: This feature makes tabbing people even easier!
:bulletred: Quick tab works by keeping a list of the users who have recently tabbed you, and who you have recently tabbed.
:bulletred: Then, when you have an empty text input or if your message ends in space, press [Tab] to quickly bring up the name of the first person on the recent tab list.
:bulletred: Press [Tab] again to switch to the next person on the list.

:new: Sound Notifications
:bulletred: This feature helps you stay alert of new messages being sent to you in chat.
:bulletred: Now you will hear a sound notification when you get tabbed in a room other than the one you're chatting in, or when you are in another browser tab.

:new: Custom Colors
:bulletred: This feature allows you to change the color of your name and message text when sending messages over dAmn.
:bulletred: Only people with dAmn Goodies 3 or another custom colors userscript installed will be able to see the colors, to everyone else your messages will appear as normal.
:bulletred: You can also change the formatting of messages that are hilighted when your name has been mentioned. (Thanks to cybergranny for this suggestion!)

:new: Custom Chatroom CSS Stylesheets
:bulletred: If a chatroom you visit has a special tag in their title they can include their own CSS stylesheet to change the way their chatroom looks.
:bulletred: The special tag looks like this: <abbr title=""></abbr>

:new: Scroll down chat on Double Click
:bulletred: Ever wanted a quick way to scroll to the bottom of the chat messages when you've been looking at old messages or the auto-scroll isn't working?
:bulletred: Now if you ever want to scroll down to the bottom simply double click the page and VOILA! Done!
:new: /stalk command
:bulletred: A quick way to look up someone's name, age, gender, location and artist type without even leaving the chatroom!
:bulletred: Now you can give your friends on dAmn nicknames, which their username gets replaced with when you send it in a message, while still hilighting them in chat.
:bulletred: How it works is it wraps their nickname in an <abbr></abbr> tag which has their real username as a title.
:bulletred: You can now also choose to change the <Username> nametags at the beginning of each message to display their nickname instead.

Word Swaps
:bulletred: You can add word swaps which take one word and replace it with another.
:bulletred: This is useful for adding custom emoticons, which swap a code such :merry: with a thumbnail code such as La- Christmas hat by Voodoodoodle

Autojoin Chatrooms
:bulletred: Now you can add chatrooms to you autojoin list, which will automatically be joined when you connect to dAmn.

:bulletred: Also called Auto-rejoin. This allows you to quickly rejoin a chatroom whenever you are kicked from it.
:bulletred: Now you can also set a delay for how long the script should wait before rejoining.

Youtube Videos
:bulletred: When someone shares a link to a Youtube video, dAmn Goodies will automatically create a video player for that video in chat.
:bulletred: You can even enter fullscreen viewing mode by pressing one of the buttons on the player.

:excited: Ready to install? Here's how:

dAmn Goodies is a userscript. In order to use userscripts your browser will need an extension that runs userscripts.

For Firefox there is the GreaseMonkey extension.
And Google Chrome has the TamperMonkey extension.

So the first step is, if you haven't already got one of these extensions installed, install that now and restart your browser.

Then, once you have the correct extension installed, simply click on the link below to install dAmn Goodies 3.
(Note: If you have a previous version of dAmn Goodies installed already, please uninstall it before installing version 3. Sadly because version 3 uses a different method for storing preferences your previous preferences won't be carried over :( )
:eager: \\\ Click Here To Install dAmn Goodies 3!!! /// :eager:
How To Use dAmn Goodies:
:bulletred: dAmn Goodie is controlled using chat commands such as /quicktab or /notify.

:bulletred: Most commands can be used to enable or disable a feature by following the command by a space and the word on or off.
:bulletred: Example: /quicktab on

:bulletred: Some commands also have other options which I will describe below:
(Commands below are listed in alphabetical order.)

/antikick (Auto-rejoin)
/antikick on
/antikick off
/antikick delay seconds - Set delay between kick and rejoin (seconds is a number)
/antikick exclude chatroomName - Toggle whether to disable autorejoining in a certain chatroom or not
/antikick list - Display the list of chatrooms that you have excluded from autorejoining
/antikick clear - Clear the list of excluded chatrooms

/autojoin on
/autojoin off
/autojoin add chatroomName - Add a chatroom to the list of chatrooms to automatically join on connection to dAmn
/autojoin remove chatroomName - Remove a chatroom from the list
/autojoin list - Display the list of chatrooms to be autojoined
/autojoin clear - Clear the autojoin list

/boot username reason (Kick, ban, then unban and return user to previous privclass)
:bulletred: This feature is great to use against anyone who has antikick enabled.

/capitals (Make Every Word You Send Start With Capital Letters When Enabled)
/capitals on
/capitals off

/colors (Custom colors)
:bulletred: This feature works by adding a hidden abbr tag to each message you send that contains a color for your name and a color for your message text.
:bulletred: Messages from people that have this hidden tag will be recolored with custom colors.
/colors on
/colors off - Stops messages being recolored, and stops the hidden tag from being added to your messages
/colors toggle others - Enable/disables other people's messages from being recolored
/colors toggle self - Enable/disables your own messages from having custom colors (i.e. no hidden tag will be added when disabled)
/colors name hexCode - Change the color of your name. hexCode must be a color hex code such as #000000 for black or #FF0000 for red.
/colors msg hexCode - Change the color of your message text.
/colors none - Resets your colors for name and message back to normal
/colors reset - Same as /colors none
/colors show - Shows you what your color settings are set to
/colors hilite name hexCode - Change color of the name tag on hilighted messages
/colors hilite msg hexCode - Change color of the message text on hilighted messages
/colors hilite bg hexCode - Change the background color on hilighted messages
/colors hilite none - Remove formatting for hilites
/colors hilite reset - Same as /colors hilite none
/colors hilite show - Display a preview of what hilighted messages will look like
/colors hilite preview - Same as /colors hilite show

(To remove a color (reset it to default color) use the word none or reset instead of the color hex code in any of the commands above.)

/drunk (Messes up your spelling and adds multiple errors to your messages when enabled)
/drunk on
/drunk off

/js (Allows you to execute javascript code and shows you what is returned)
:bulletred: Example: /js return prompt("Type something: ");
:bulletred: The example above will bring up a prompt dialog box which asks you to type something, and displays what you typed as a chat notice.

/klat (Talk backwards. It reverses the letters of your messages so everything you say is backwards when enabled.)
/klat on
/klat off

:bulletred: Note: With great power comes great responsibility!
:bulletred: This command allows you to do dAmn commands multiple times with the list of users or chatrooms you enter
:bulletred: Examples:

/multi kick (Username1 Username2 User3) Reason to kick - This will kick Username1, Username2 and User3 from the chatroom
/multi kick *Members Reason to kick - This will kick everyone is the Members privclass
/multi kick {} Reason to kick - This will kick everyone in the chatroom, including yourself

/multi part {} - This will make you part all channels you have joined

:bulletred: Usage:
/multi msg (chatrooms) text goes here - This will send the same message to multiple chatrooms
/multi action (chatrooms) text goes here - This sends an action (like /me) to multiple chatrooms
/multi join (chatrooms) - Joins multiple chatrooms
/multi part (chatrooms) - Parts multiple chatrooms
/multi clear (chatrooms) - Clears multiple chatrooms
/multi title (chatrooms) text goes here - Sets title in multiple chatrooms to the same text
/multi topic (chatrooms) text goes here - Does the same for the topic
/multi kick (users) reason goes here - Kicks multiple users
/multi ban (users) - Bans multiple users
/multi unban (users)
/multi promote (users) privclass - Promotes multiple users to the same privclass
/multi demote (users) privclass - Demotes multiple users to the same privclass
/multi whois (users) - Does a whois for each user
/multi display (users) - Displays all of the users in the list (useful when using the *Privclass keywords)

/nick (Nicknames)
/nick on
/nick off - Disables usernames with nicknames set that you send from being replaced with their nicknames
/nick set username nickname - Sets the nickname for a user
/nick unset username - Unsets a nickname for a user
/nick list - Displays a list of all nicknames set
/nick clear - Clears all of the nicknames set
/nick tags on - Turns <NameTag> switching on
/nick tags off - Turns it off again

/notify (Sound notifications)
/notify on
/notify off - Disables sound notifications
/notify set URL - Sets the URL of the sound file to be played when there is a notification
/notify set default - Resets sound file to default
/notify play - Plays the notification sound once
/notify stop - Stops the sound if it is already playing (useful if you accidentally set the sound file to a long sound and you want it to shut up)

/quicktab (Quick Tabbing: Tab recent tabbers)
/quicktab on
/quicktab off

/safe (Stop dAmn Goodies from altering your next message)
:bulletred: Also, if you press shift+enter when sending a message, dAmn Goodies won't alter that message either
/safe - Protect the next message
/safe 5 - Protext the next 5 messages

/scrolldown (Scroll to bottom of chat messages on double click, when enabled)
/scrolldown on
/scrolldown off

/stalk Username - Gets personal info about the user from their profile page, like name, age, gender, location and type of artist.

/stylesheets (Chatrooms with special tag in title have included CSS stylesheet when enabled)
/stylesheets on
/stylesheets off

/swap (Swap words in messages that you send when enabled)
/swap on
/swap off
/swap set word replacement - Set a word to be swapped with it's replacement
/swap set "multiple words" replacement - Surround multiple words in quotemarks when setting
/swap unset word - Unset a word that is set to be swapped
/swap list - Display a list of the words being swapped and their replacements
/swap clear - Clear all word swaps

/upsidedown (Makes your message text appear to be flipped upside down when enabled)
/upsidedown on
/upsidedown off

/youtube (Youtube links will spawn video players in chat when enabled)
/youtube on
/youtube off

:phew: Phew! That took a while to write! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new edition of dAmn Goodies and let me know if you think of any new features that would be cool or if you have any trouble installing or using the plugin in the comments below.

Version History:
3.0.1 -> Fixed stylesheets not being updated when title changes and being removed when using /stylesheets off
3.0.2 -> Fixed messages with color tags not being formatted when received in a chatroom other than the open on.
3.0.3 -> Changed the way messages were being treated for colors. Now if you send a thumbnail it will format the right message, unlike previous versions.
3.0.4 -> Fixed major issue where messages you are tabbed in don't appear. It was to do with quicktab. Fixed quicktab too. Also changed /color command to /colors as I thought this fit better.
3.0.5 -> Noticed that if you tab someone normally and it just matches one name, then quick tab would activate if you continued pressing tab, so I've now prevented this from happening.
3.0.6 -> Added lots of try/catch statements to the code so that errors that happen will be reported. That way I can debug issues that people have when installing the script more effectively.
3.0.7 -> Noticed that the jsStorage script that was being imported to save preferences was creating errors for people so switch to using localStorage instead. Not sure why I wasn't using this is the first place.
3.0.8 -> Removed word swap for "dAmn Goodies" from default settings. Kept the one for "dAmnGoodies" tho.
3.0.9 -> Fixed non-scrolling issue when youtube videos are added to chat
3.1.0 -> Added the ability to format hilighted messages with custom colors
3.1.1 -> Added "/colors hilite show" command for previewing hilite colors
3.1.2 -> Made it so the word none or reset can be used instead of a hex code to remove a color setting with /color ...
3.1.3 -> Added /colors toggle
3.2.0 -> Added /stalk feature
3.2.1 -> Fixed /stalk. It wasn't including the age, gender and location.
3.2.2 -> Fixed hilite styles not showing up when others were toggled off. Also fixed toggle not saving to preferences.
3.2.3 -> Added more error checking to the dAmn Helper script for better debugging
3.2.4 -> Fixed /notify on|off displaying usage info when it shouldn't have been
3.2.5 -> Made quick tab work after a space as well as with empty message
3.2.6 -> Fixed issue where quicktab would activate after a person was tabbed normally and only one name was matched
Merry Christmas From Sumopiggy
Hey everyone, hope you're doing well.
I thought I would post this after drawing it with the new dAmn Chatroom Canvas script. If you haven't already, give it a go: dAmn Chatroom Canvas.
Haha, I hope you enjoy my rendition of a sumo-piggy santa!
Merry Christmas!
dAmn Chatroom Canvas
Introducing my newest userscript written for dAmn.... dAmn Chatroom Canvas!

:star: Deviants that have this userscript installed can draw with each other right from within their favorite dAmn chatrooms.
Each chatroom has it's own canvas and when other people draw something you see it appear on your canvas instantly.

Here's how to install dAmn Chatroom Canvas:

Step 1: You must be using Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to use this plugin.
Step 2: If you are using Google Chrome, install the TamperMonkey extension. If you are using Firefox, install the Greasemonkey extension. After installation, restart your browser.
Step 3: Install the dAmn Chatroom Canvas userscript by clicking on this link.
Step 4: Go to dAmn and join a chatroom.
Step 5: Draw something awesome!


:star: You can toggle between different modes using the [Escape] key on your keyboard.
The toggle sequence goes like this:
Chat Only Mode -> Only Canvas Mode -> Chat + Canvas Mode -> Chat Only Mode ...

:star: /clearcanvas - Use this command to clear the canvas of the current chatroom.

:star: By default, when you install the userscript it will open up the drawing channel (#chatroomcanvas) automatically. To disable/enable automatically joining #chatroomcanvas when you open dAmn simply use the /ccautojoin command.

Please note: you must have joined #chatroomcanvas in order to activate drawing mode, because all drawing commands are sent in this channel.
Luckily by using the /draw command you can open #chatroomcanvas quickly and easily.

:star: You can save a canvas as a PNG image file at any time by right clicking on the canvas and choosing "Save image as.."

:star: You can choose from the Circle tool, the Rectangle tool and the Line tool to draw with.
When using the line tool you can also specific the line width in the text-box (in pixels).

:excited: I really hope you enjoy drawing together and would love to see what drawings you create together.
If you find any bugs or have trouble getting it working please leave a comment below!

:new: I've created a group especially for people who use the dAmn Chatroom Canvas plugin and as a place to post the images made with it.

Check it out: dAmnChatroomCanvas!!


Sam Mulqueen
Artist | Digital Art
New Zealand

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